California Breeders Union


We breed and distribute reptiles to and from the global market.

Inquire for commercial export service, I do not provide individual export services.

U.S. Distribution

Monitor Lizards
US distributor for Canadian Coldblood (Captive Bred Varanids) generally a spring and fall shipment each year. If interested please contact: brandon,canadiancoldblood,com

We distribute CBB Boiga for a zoo in Europe to the USA (we do not breed Boiga)

Tiliqua, Ball Pythons, Carpet Pythons, Amazon Tree Boas, Green Tree Pythons etc...
We distribute for Don Patterson in the US, If interested please contact: donpreptiles,hotmail,com

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Monterey, Ca

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Shipping is done Monday - Wednesday.

Shipping Rates:
Small Box $75.00
Medium Box $100.00
Large Box $125.00
Delta $100.00

Purveyor of Fine Ectotherms

*It is the customer's responsibility to adhere to all state and local laws - know them! We will never knowingly facilitate any illegal activity. Please respect our hobby and do the same*

*no live arrival guarantee below 40* or above 80* F*

*Any claims, or issues must be emailed within 4 hours of receiving the shipment*

*no cash refunds-credit only*
*All deposits are non-refundable, and any failure to follow through on payment terms will render deposits forfeited.