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Gargoyle Geckos (Rhacodactylus auriculatus); Bavay 1869.

This species is endemic to New Caledonia. It is widespread in southern Grande Terre and present on massifs in the north-west as far north as Dôme de Tiébaghi. It appears to be restricted to ultramafic areas

R. auriculatus can be found on the southern ultramafic block of New Caledonia and northward along the west coast and central-east coast ultramafic massifs. It inhabits humid forests, montane forests, and open and closed maquis (Bauer and Sadlier 2000). All Rhacodactylus species are excluded from agricultural and urban environments. This species is essentially nocturnal, but is sometimes active by day; primarily arboreal.  It sometimes stays in the open on branches by day but usually shelters beneath dense vegetation on the ground or in tree cavities. It forages at night on the stems of shrubs and small trees (occasionally to 15 m above ground) or less commonly on the ground.

Here we feed Pangea prepared food mix, and gut loaded crickets. Although auriculatus have a reputation for not being fond of live prey, ours have not shown hesitation in eating invertebrate prey items.

We have abandoned the white project, as it did not breed true. We are working with both stripes and blotches, and focusing on color intensity for both projects.

 You will also notice some gaps in the number sequences. This is due to certain females being used for an outcrossing and then were later parted with. 

M1 Left - "Dexter" (Red Stripe)
M2 Center - "Walter White" (White Stripe)
M3 Right - "Crime Scene" (Super Blotch)

2 animals fired down representing 2 distinct phenotypes: white stripe male (M2) and red stripe female (F6, daughter of M1 x F4).

Red Stripe Project

Male #1 "Dexter" @ 10 Months

M3 (left) - offspring of M1 X F1
Unsexed (right)

Breeder Female #1
Fired down

and Fired up

Breeder Female #2

Female "1812" (left)

Female "Kartini" new for 2018, she is a rich red striped Canadian Import.

Orange Stripe Project

Male Graffin bottom, female Orange stripe top.

Male "Graffin" (left)

Super Blotch Project

M1 Left - "Dexter" (Red Stripe)
M2 Center - "Walter White" (White Stripe)
M3 Right - "Crime Scene" (Super Blotch)

Super Blotch "Bertrand"

Crime Scene

Female 9 Top, Bertrand bottom

Female G9

Female 10

Misc Holdbacks and offspring 

G1F x G1M siblings


outside BL