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Our Approach

What makes us different from other breeders out there offering Rhacodactylus auriculatus for sale?

I want to point out, that there are 100% reputable and solid sources for geckos we each have our focus, and our approach to suit our individual taste. A few people I would consider personally buying from without hesitation are.

Sarah Nugent of Artful Auriculatus
Kylie Rakes of Gargoyle Queen Reptiles
Jessica Moore of Nightshift Exotics
Alec Nielsen of Specialty Herpetofauna
Renae King

These are all great breeders to check out and see if they have the exact gecko you're after.

With that said, here is a basic overview of how I do things and what may separate us from some more conventional sources.

We offer a money back guarantee for 1 year for color, if you buy a baby gecko from us and are disappointed by the quality of color of the gecko. You can return it for a full refund within the first year. I stand behind what I produce, and I want anyone who buys from me to be 100% satisfied with the gecko they receive. There are some common sense exclusions for this such as this isn't a transferable agreement, you can't sell the gecko and in turn pass on this offer to your buyer and the gecko must be healthy and in reasonable condition when returned.

We do not colony breed, when animals are sold by me they are sold with definitive parent information. This is important because you should base your expectations on what your new baby will look like based off what their parent's look like. We type breed, which basically means we breed complimentary phenotypes to complimentary phenotypes. This aids in making a predictable and refined look of our offspring.

We are super super picky, this means that we are constantly trying to refine the quality of our breeding stock and too the quality of the offspring we sell. I do not have a gigantic collection. I make around 100-120 baby gargoyles per season. I do not intend on having a massive collection of a spectrum of quality. I want my production each season to be better than the previous season when possible. I want every gecko in my collection to knock my socks off, because I love working with them. While I do breed reptiles as my primary income, I do not breed geckos purely to sell them. I breed geckos to produce animals I personally want to keep. My goals are focused around producing the highest quality geckos I am capable of producing and I hold myself to a high standard and you should too when buying your new pet or breeding stock.

We pack our shipments with the best materials available. ´╗┐When you receive a gecko from me, the box will be clearly and properly labeled with common and scientific name meeting federal law. You will receive an invoice. You will receive a gecko packed in clean new deli cups, a brand new solid core box (not a flimsy panel box), as well as heat packs, cryopaks and or cold packs when needed. I do not skimp on packing for the animal's safest possible journey and I include shipping, boxes etc... in my prices.