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About Us

My name is Jordan Russell, I have worked with birds and reptiles since I was a child. I've always been fascinated by the amazing biodiversity of this planet and the accompanying challenges & rewards of maintaining these species in captivity.

I started keeping both birds and Tortoises in elementary school, and there hasn't been a time in my life where I haven't worked with animals ever since. At this point, I have bred over 60 species.

My wife is a PhD student at the Scripps Institute of oceanography here in San Diego Ca.

I vend most of the Reptile Super Shows (San Diego & Pomona CA). Look for us there, and be sure to introduce yourselves :)

Email is the best way to reach me:

 Tammy and I at the Tracy Aviary in Utah, visiting with an Andean Condor (Andy). We provide animals to private keepers as well as zoos.

Kusa, Belle & Tilda