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We are working with a mature colony of Stigmochelys pardalis pardalis of both Fife and Limburg lines. Our colony was previously owned by Ian Tomich and is the parent stock to all "Tomich line" pardalis.

We believe this form of Leopard Tortoise is one of the best pet Tortoises you can choose.

Vs babcocki, these are larger, hardier, more cold tolerant and just generally a more resilient animal.

Vs sulcatas, sulcatas will absolutely devestate your yard. They are like giant gophers, pardalis don't dig unless they're nesting.

Vs Testudo are great. Absolutely awesome genus. Unfortunately most are wild caught, unsustainably harvested from the wild and all too often come in with a medley of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasite issues. If you have a small space and want a species in the genus Testudo please do yourself a favor and track down a legitimate breeder and pay a few bucks more for something healthy and produced in captivity.

There are loads of good honest breeders of tortoises, and a few (very few) good resellers for tortoises. But as a whole most resellers are a great place to lose money and have an upsetting experience. The frequency with which reptiles are misrepresented by resellers is staggering. 

Do yourself a favor and support captive breeding. You, the breeder, and the animals taken from the wild for the consumer pet trade will all be thankful.

Fife Line Male

Limburg Line  Male

Limburg Female 

Limburg Female

Fife Female